We are fully prepared and equipped to minister to your full family. Regardless of your age, gender, or relationship status; at Refuge there is a ministry for you!


To serve God, our family, our church, and our community as a brotherhood. every man has the responsibility to hold their brothers in Christ through encouragement, prayer, and

sharing biblical teachings so that growth in the spirit is forever maturing. Always be an example of unity. No man stands alone.


This is a place where there is an environment of sisterhood which allows you to be yourself. W.O.R is a place where women can come together in peace, safety, and confidentiality, to receive guidance and prayer for everyday life. This is a place where you will find women both young, old and from all walks of life. W.O.R is where you can find a place to share, laugh, and love one another. With this group of women you can develop yourself, be yourself, and grow in Jesus Christ.


The goal of our marriage ministry is to support strong, healthy, and growing marriages and families.


The Mission of YELL Youth Group is to maximize the potential inside of each child that is placed in our care. We are committed to developing the gifts, talents, and abilities of teenagers.


The mission of Refuge Nation Kingdom Kids is to create a fun and exciting environment where children

can learn about God. They will be taught biblical principles that can be applied to their everyday life. Kingdom kids will know that living for God is fun.


To consistently embrace the vision of our Pastor and church; to be A Caring, Christ-Centered, Community Church, with a Kingdom Agenda. Therefore, the Music & Arts’ Ministry mission work hand in hand with the church’s beliefs, whereby, disciples are equipped for service in the area of Music & Arts in order to minister effectively to the congregation, for the congregation, and with the congregation, through instrumental and vocal praise and worship with the highest level of quality and excellence.

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